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Gary Reddick lives in Portland, Oregon, and is one of America's most versatile artists. He has a world wide following of his work, with over 250 repeat collectors. Exhibitions of his drawings, paintings and sculpture have been featured in Portland, Seattle, New York, Tulsa, London and Beijing.   

During the early and mid-90s, Gary had numerous commissions and shows of his portrait work. The most notable of his commissions are: the painting of the famous Chef James Beard, now hanging in the James Beard House in New York; the painting of syndicated columnist and PBS Newshour commentator, Mark Shields; and the painting of the former Governor of Oregon and long time Senator, Mark Hatfield.  In the late 90s, he was honored to be invited to exhibit his paintings at the Forbes Gallery's Annual Art Show in New York. 

Born in Baker City, Oregon, Gary spent his early years in rural Eastern Oregon.  A graduate of the University of Oregon, he has been a licensed architect for over 30 years and is currently the President of V3 Studios, an award winning Northwest architecture firm.   In addition to his U.S. practice, he continues to work internationally - principally in China and the Middle East.

His early rural upbringing, along with a wide international experience have come together to infuse his most current work as a painter. His work, drawn from observation and memory, has moved steadily from portrait and representative landscape, to strongly dramatic and gestural expressionistic scenes, to now… an intense pursuit of abstraction. While Gary continues to do commissioned work encompassing the full range of his painting history, it is his latest abstract work that is truly the most expressive of his lifetime memory.


The highly acclaimed Portland author, poet, and essayist Sandra Stone has written of Gary Reddick’s work: “How do you take the tradition of landscape and enliven it, give it a kinetic rush, imply a world that exists – not soundless, full of animal cries, earth smells burrowing behind the canvas? Region doesn’t need a name. It is the locale from which the heart sets out, taking in the autumn smells, smoke and its fume, wet leaves, the sound of rain on a boulder, a hat. Years later, memory is the fuse that ignites a body of work. Few, working in the genre of landscape today achieve a sense of electrical charge. Many paintings beautifully painted are about ‘beauty’, and the replication of it. They are not about the illusion of distance, or miles the painter has traveled, living in the interior. Reddick has the idea: It is not to know where you are going. The idea is to know it when you get there. In really knowing this region from the interior, in having photographed these places, in having clumped in high grasses through brambles, Reddick has come to the darker brink. He knows the trajectory. What is perceived is not necessarily what is. Gary Reddick knows when to stop. And when to let the image know itself.”

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